Happy Belated Christmas and New Year! [Rant]

Hey there universe!

I am BACK after a rather long time of being AWAY.

And look, the world didn’t end. Not yet anyway.

So, few new changes to the blog. Namely, the new header. You like? I made it meself ^^ (Well hey, I’m not an aspiring graphics designer for naught now, am I?).

If you haven’t, I ask you to go and check out my deviantART (link on side). I’m posting my work (photography, writing, and drawings) more and more regularly, so there’s more to see all the time.
Also, if you have any interest in any form of art, I highly recommend joining. The site is AMAZING and is great for artists and art viewers alike 🙂

To other news, I’m hoping to get into a regular routine of POSTING now that we have hit the new year. So, even if I’m away, hopefully you’ll still be getting new posts!

I’m also updating my watermark to incorporate the new header. UND maybe even using the butterfly end as an iPad image thingy… whatcha think?

To the writing front – I AM going to finish Dragon’s Tooth this year! I may end up writing a sequel, but that’s not included. If you ever want to have a peek at what I’m writing, I upload chapters as they’re completed to DeviantART.

I’m nearly 100% sure that’s everything.

Once again, happy 2012! It’s the Chinese year of the Dragon this year… maybe I’m meant to take a hint?


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