The 2011 Tag [Site News]

You may have noticed (and then again you may have not – if so, then notice now, because it’s important 😉 ) that all my photography posts now have a “2011” tag/keyword.


This is because I had the brilliant idea to separate my [old and rather… terrible] 2011 photography with my [newer and getting better] 2012 photography.


Of course, you may think, “but, if it’s in the 2012 archive, surely it was shot in 2012?”. Sadly, no, as I hadn’t really become “serious” about my online photography display until late 2011, which was not enough time to go through and sort all my 2011 photos before 2012.


SO! From now on, all photos will be tagged with their appropriate year of taking. All you have to do is scroll down to the bottom of any page to find the “cloud tag” (not sure what random name I called it, but anyhow) and click the big “2011” (or “2012”) to view all photos taken in 2011 (or 2012).


One day I may even sort them by month. But for now, it works like that 😉


Tell me what you think of the changes, and anything else you like/dislike about the joint 😀


Also, Friday’s photo is going to be a 2012 one… I’m kinda excited because my 2012 ones are kinda cool… ^-^



Stay safe people,


Cla!re t

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