Dragons, Leaves and Mushrooms – Part 1 of 3 [Photography]

First up I would like to make a MASSIVE apology for the lateness of this post! It is nearly a week that I said “Posts coming Friday”. *sigh*

Besides the fact I have been busy with school and guests, I’m also a highschool student. So when my parents say “No Computer”, I get no computer. It’s kind of a sad and annoying cycle. They still don’t view my pursuits of writing/photography/art as serious. Maybe one day πŸ™‚

But. Excuses over. I am REALLY excited about this post. I took all these photos just last Saturday (26th I believe), and have been spending the last couple of days sorting them and post editing a couple of them. I’d love some feedback, since it’s my first *real* attempt at post editing (read: NOOB HERE!).

Commence post:

It was a cloudy Saturday morning. The sort where your eyes are really looking at everything, ’cause you *know* that there’s a shot for you this morning. It started, with this:

(c) iEVBz.wordpress.com

I found this little leaf on the ground outside our dog run. Normally I either snap things where they are or leave them, but this leaf was just so cool, and its environment was just so wrong (under a drippy tree, dusty ground, nowhere to get down low properly, etc), that I picked it up and took it for a walk (my folks already know I’m mad, so it’s OK).

I placed it on part of a fence nearby, and after moving myself and it around a bit, got the one above. Then, I placed it on the grass, and got this:

After that, I moved it over to an old black fence post, experimented with different angles and positions of the leaf, and got these:

(c) iEVBz.wordpress.com

(c) iEVBz.wordpress.com

(c) iEVBz.wordpress.com

None of the above have been post edited πŸ™‚ But wait, there’s still more!

After snapping that last shot, a gust of wind came up and blew the leaf away. I took that as my sign to stop.

Part 2 of this post coming soon πŸ˜€

I’d love your feedback on this! Was it too long? Would you have preferred the whole thing? (there were 33 shots mind)

Don’t forget to click the images to view the Deviations, and also to fave if you have DeviantART (it’s free).

I’m also on Twitter (link on side) so follow me if you enjoy random tweets and knowing when your posts are going to be late xD

Until next time,



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