March time! [rant]

Well, it’s March southern hemisphere-ites! (sorry North dudes, you gotta wait another 24 hours. *pokes out tongue*)

Besides March getting me revved up to do some awesome dawesome autumn photo-snappin, and me deciding to make all my text in the middle/centred, and resolving to write more – do you know what March means?

I’ll give you a hint:





Ah man that last one gave it away.

Yep, you guessed it folks. It’s my birthday! In 10 days anyhow.

While slightly un-important, I kind of tend to make (or start keeping) new years resolutions in March (to be honest I don’t really know why. I think it’s because I always read up on all the awesome 365/366 projects after they start, and your birthday month is a great excuse to start them when it’s only two months late, ya know?)

So, what does this mean for you?

*Hopefully* some of the following:

More frequent posts

More personal posts

More me ranting on about my writing

More posts like “Dragons, Leaves and Mushrooms”

More photos

More participating in you guys awesome blogs (and other people’s too)

More twitter

More art

More photos

MOARRRRR COFFEE!!! (no I am not drinking any right now. People of 14 get restricted to the weekends for coffee)

Notice the pattern there? Yup. “moar”. I want togive more to you guys (except the coffee, that’s mine. Sorry).

I’m also really hoping to do *some* sort of “project 366”. It will most like involve me uploading photos every day. Or at least, uploading 3 times a week photos I took every day. Who knows?

Also coming next week, I’m going to be uploading some bucket lists.

(for those of you wondering, “bucket list” is the official name for your “things I wanna do before I die” list. You’re welcome)

I think turning 15 is a great time to start these. 15 is like… this awesome point. You’ve had a teen slapped on the end of your age for 2 years now. You can start working (officially) now. You’re L plates are only 10 months away. ETC

You’re also learning more, maturing more, and starting to get a pretty good idea of what you wanna do with your life (well I am anyhows).

So I’m hoping to fill these next 366 days until the 1st of March 2013 with exciting stuff. I’m also hoping to have 12 more readers then (yup, one for every month).

Anyhows, I am now leaving. I hope you enjoy your autumn/spring, and that I’ll see you around here soon 🙂



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