Dragons, Leaves and Mushrooms – Part 2 of 3 [Photography]

Couple of days back I did a post called “Dragons, Leaves and Mushrooms – Part 1 of 3”. \

I’m trying to take my photos, sort, edit, and publish them within a week so as to give you the story behind them.

This here is part 2 of that post. To view part 1, go here.

After the leaf blew away, I was now on a hunt for Mr. Little Mushroom (or whatever form of fungi it was). I had found this GORGEOUS little [fungi] the other day while helping my dad with something, but because of the time of day and also because I was busy, I didn’t get to snap it. I went to find it Saturday morning, but it was gone 😦

So, I set off into the paddock to find some more (it’s been raining a bit and we never had summer this year, so [fungi] have been everywhere 😛 ). I snapped these:

There were two. A big one, and a lil’ one. I spent AGES getting these. I’d get up close, move away, tilt the camera, focused on different ones… you name it.

The above was post edited. It was almost perfect, but I wanted the background blurred a little more. So, using the quick selection tool (which, after my tries of it in Photo-manip, and now using it at length in post editing, I am convinced I need to get some Topaz Labs plugins), I selected what I wanted, and applied a Gaussian blur of around 18 or so to the rest of the image. “Gaussian Blur” can be found in Photoshop CS5 under Filters > Blur > Gaussian blur. It kind of gives this hazy blurred look. I’m really liking it 🙂

Same [fungi], but different angle. No editing.

Started to incorporate the little dude. No editing.

Before editing i had focused on the little dude. However, in PS, I “quick” slected what I wanted to remain in focus, and applied a Gaussian blur of around 18 or 26 (my memory fails me). Having another look, I’m not FULLY happy with the results. But for a first attempt, it ain’t bad 🙂

No editing.

No editing.

(c) iEVBz.wordpress.com


(c) iEVBz.wordpress.com

Quick selection tool, and a Gaussian blur of 26. I like this one 🙂

That’s all for now folks 🙂 Come back Saturday for the dragon side of the post! *ooooeeeahhhh*

Once again, please tell me what you think! Do you prefer this way of posting? Are the stories interesting?

I am going to be uploading photos that don’t have a story in the usual single image format, but I’m hoping to do these semi regularly 😀

Also, be looking out in the near future for a how-to on turning your old jeans into something snazzy (which so far I have found NO WHERE else on the net (!!!)), and some Interior Design inspiration pictures. I’ve been a busy gally 😉

Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for eXcLuSiVe random news and updates, and if you have DeviantART (a great site that, plus it’s free) to fave the above pics and watch my account to view the art before it reaches the blog 😀

Clicking on the images takes you to the Deviation page, where you can fave/comment/zoom in.

Until Saturday,


  1. Becca Matthews said:

    WOW your work is so amazing. 🙂

    • Cla!re said:

      Thank you 😀 ^_^

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