Daily Archives: May 22, 2012

No, not Santa Clause. They’re bad news, nasty fellows they are. Especially if you aren’t equipped with a Sonic Screwdriver (geek points if you get the reference).

This lil’ lassie ‘ere is stepping up in style. She’s bought herself a machine that can actually cope with Photoshop and Bridge *gasp*; and has started to talk to them folks about letting her make some dough (sorry, no cookies. We do have scones).

Whiiiiiiich means that, our beloved iEVBz and its affiliates [DeviantART] are going to go from a hobbyist’s attempt at something, to an actual something that’s going to have some cash put into it so it can pump some cash back out.

So, hopefully that plan will work.

Basically, posts are going to be taken down, posts are going to be edited, photos are going to change, blog designs are going to be different, and the world is going to get just that little bit awesomer (stupid Firefox. Why is that not a word?).

I still really wanna continue the whole, blogging about my art life scene, but I’m just going to do it better.

There may be no new content for awhile, but when there is, it’s going to be awesome 😉

Thanks for reading lovlies!


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