I’m back folks! At long, long last. Wayyyy back in February, I took a walk around our property one overcast Saturday the 25th morning. I then endeavored to edit and upload all those photos within a week.

I got part of the way, but didn’t manage to upload them all -_- If you read my last post, then you’ll know why. If not, then I suggest you do so šŸ˜‰


So I’m just going to jump straight back into it all, and present you with the final installment of Dragons, Leaves and Mushrooms. To view part two, go here. To view part one, go here.


After exhausting every angle and position I could think of on the [fungi], I rose off the wet grass, and headed up to the dam behind me, hoping for some water shots or even more [fungi]. I found this little beauty:


Quick selection tool + Gaussian blur of 26.


No editing. The dragonfly was a new one, just hatched. It was really beautiful. I moved around it, taking quite a few shots. It just sat there for me =)



N.EĀ  This one looks like a dinosaur movie or something šŸ˜›


I’d bothered Mr. Dragon enough now, so I headed up the dam. I found another dragonfly (I think it was dead…) and though I snapped a few shots, none were worth keeping. I did keep these though:

Neither of the above were edited.

I headed done to the house to clean my lens (shooting in wet grass is NOT the best idea), then came back up to the dam. I don’t know if these were the same dragonflies, but I got these:

Quick selection + Gaussian blur. Not sure if I overdid it or not. It’s a bit… iffy… still, that face is so cute xD

Look at those wings!!! No editing.

Look how new it is, its wings are still wet! No editing (N.E, in case you were wondering what the heck I was on about)

Ok, this one I went all out. I used quick selection, a Gaussian blur, and to top it off played with the Contrast/Brightness + the Hue/Saturation. I MAY have over done it (original will appear on my DeviantART one day soon šŸ˜› ).

More moving around, different angles. Trying to get those gorgeous wings. N.E

(Yes, they’re still coming). I adore this shot. No Editing.

More angles, and N.E

Ditto and Ditto

The last melon, *ahem*, I mean shot. (Who doesn’t love Ice Age?). This one I’m quite proud of. You can zoom in and get a gorgeous look at its wings (click the image to view its Deviation and to zoom in). NO editing.


There we are folks! 34 shots, all by me. And they’re just the ones I kept xD Think how long it took to sieve through all those buggers šŸ˜›


I’d really appreciate some feedback on this post. Not only on the images, but also the length and what-not. This is my longest post in history… Also notice the “new” watermark. Whatcha think?


Would you prefer if I broke these posts up into “parts”, or keep doing them as is? Obviously the ones where I can’t remember all the details of taking them will continue to be posted in single image format, but I’m hoping to do more of these sort of posts.


Don’t forget to fave these shots on DeviantART and also watch my account to view the images before they get posted to the blog!

Also I twitter, so if you follow my account you’ll get notified every time I come up with something boring to say, and also when I’m late for posting šŸ˜‰

Ciao guys,


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