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Well, it’s March southern hemisphere-ites! (sorry North dudes, you gotta wait another 24 hours. *pokes out tongue*) Besides March getting me revved up to do some awesome dawesome autumn photo-snappin, and me deciding to make all my text in the middle/centred, and resolving to write more – do you know what March means? I’ll give …

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For long hours since creating a blog way back this year, I have desperately wanted an ‘official’ profile picture. One that would be globally recognized as me, SkriBlerLenZ, creature of weird art strangle ramblings.


I present to you, this picture:



Taken on my puny Dell Webcam (so I could get my baby in the shot, SP-800-UZ, or Oliver Spering Pence the 1st), I then edited it in Photoshop CS5, applying three different filters.


This is me, Interwebs. Tremble.



Hello everyone 🙂

I apologize for the rather large lack of posts lately… this is due to the school term drawing to a close, several family events, and a mass of days where I have not been at home (or within range of internet 😉 ).


My blogging WILL be back up to speed after the holidays, and mostly during the holidays as well 🙂


Thanks for hanging in there,





EDIT: a commenter as accused this post as sounding like “whining”. Is it?

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