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Well, it’s March southern hemisphere-ites! (sorry North dudes, you gotta wait another 24 hours. *pokes out tongue*) Besides March getting me revved up to do some awesome dawesome autumn photo-snappin, and me deciding to make all my text in the middle/centred, and resolving to write more – do you know what March means? I’ll give …

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You may have noticed (and then again you may have not – if so, then notice now, because it’s important 😉 ) that all my photography posts now have a “2011” tag/keyword.   This is because I had the brilliant idea to separate my [old and rather… terrible] 2011 photography with my [newer and getting …

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Hello interwebs!

Yes, this is another rant. You may skip this if you want.


As always, an apology to the extreme lack of posts. I have been sick for nearly two weeks now. That, and the pressure of school, has deemed blogging undo-able.


But now for the title of the post.

I believe I have 31 followers. At least, that’s what my little follow button says. Maybe I should check *goes and checks*. Make that 32. And 27 of them are with twitter. I KNEW getting Twitter was a good idea 😉


Ok, more spiels. I’d like to point out that I am on DeviantART. You can find me here:

I post all my “art” and what not over there. Of course, so far not “all” is up. But I hope to eventually set up a system where new shots are posted within a day. That’s a long way away, so don’t worry just yet 😉



Well a big thank you to all you awesome followers 😀 I hope you enjoy the coming posts 😀

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