If The Tree’s Had Eyes, They’d Be Glaring At You [Lyrics]

Artist: Aquarium 

Album: N/A

Track Number: One [1]

Release Date: N/A (Before 2007)

Genre: Hip Hop/Alternative/Abstract

Misc: Discontinued side project of Adam Young [aka Owl City]. One of many side projects (see link below)

Listen: PureVolume

Download: PureVolume

More Side Projects: Wikipedia 

“Nero Space flyer on ice,

misplace your telescopes and these ropes suffice.

The city streets need painting fast and our old homes need fixed.

I finally see that this coast is bedding down in the sound that wakes up our Host.

Dance record the phones in those rooms,

be right there police don’t care.

Anyway they make it faster,

better late than never after.

Set on Sunday the earth is war,

and I don’t see why not.

You hop on high-ways they can’t recall,

the better perf(?) if they’re cars at all.

And when at most there’d release this place,

their branches shocked with disbelief.

*yelling* (something about people letting him down, his eyes seeing clear, this is what he wanted, being young? this part very hard to interpret).





    • Pixi said:

      Thanks! And you’re welcome 😛

  1. Kumar said:

    This was so much darker and deeper than what Owl City is. I love to explore Adam’s music.

    • Cla!re said:

      Agreed. He’s explored a nice variety of different styles of music. I personally love the experimental ones – Aquarium and Novel mainly. Great for when you’re writing!

      Also, this is random, but he’s released a new Windsor Airlift albums on iTunes, or in Oz at least. In case you’re a hardcore fan 😉


  2. Blythe said:

    I love this because it’s so different to the Owl City/Sky Sailing sound, more like other music that I listen to 🙂 *leaves to advertise it to my friends* 😀

  3. flaminglizardtaco said:

    *The better breath of their cars at all.

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